Shrek Super-Slam Theater

The poster for the special.

Shrek Super Slam Theater is a upcoming spin-off special of the Danny Phantom's Adventures Series. It will be shown on YouTube in the near future. The special will be hosted by The Eds and will feature eight stories whom The Eds are being told.

Plot and premiseEdit

Crumb Guns 2Edit

Cowboy Puss returns to the Poison Apple to drink more milk and eat more cookies before Sheriff Gingerbread Man (with the help of Cyclops and Pinocchio) comes in again to stop him.

K.N.I.G.H.T.S. IIEdit

Officer Charming is going to arrest Donkey, but Donkey cannot be a criminal. With the help of Shrek and Puss-in-Boots, Donkey is beating Officer Charming down.

Cookie Style Two: Piñata DonkeyEdit

Casa de Gingerbread, his new pet Piñata Donkey, and his house are looking great before G-Nome crashes to the party.

Iron Donkey II: The Return of Master FuEdit

Fiona and Donkey are teaming up to stop Master Fu from getting stinked in the Kung Fu Dojo.

Bell Brawl 2: The Bells of Far Far AwayEdit

Quasimodo, Luna, and Captain Hook are taking a worst concert tour to Romeo Drive before Officer Charming stops and takes them to jail.

Fatboy Fury 2: The Workers in TightsEdit

Black Knight is having an another appetite of mass destruction being asked by Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, and Robin Hood.

Medieval Chef 2: The Dronkey EatersEdit

Eclair (Donkey's son) is running away from getting eaten by Quasimodo, G-Nome, and Luna.

Puppet Panic 2: Charming to the RescueEdit

It was a workshop of horror and it's up to Prince Charming to defeat down the evil puppets led by the evil puppet scientist named Pinocchio.