Danny Phantom and Shrek's Adventures of Rio 2 is an upcoming Danny Phantom/Shrek crossover planned to be made by ShrekRulez102. It will be shown on Google Drive in the near future.

Plot and premise Edit

Danny Phantom, Shrek, and the gang are traveling to Rio de Janerio once again and visit Blu, Jewel, Bia, Carla, Tiago, Rafael, Luiz, Pedro, Nico, and their friends. They meet Gordon Quid, Waffle, Mr. Blik, Prohyas Warrior, Vambre Warrior, and Grup the Dragon for the first time. Together, they travel on their way to the Amazon Rainforest to meet Jewel's family. Meanwhile, Nigel the Cockatoo will get his revenge on Blu and his family and friends, and team up with a pink tree frog named Gabi (who falls in love with Nigel the Cockatoo) and an anteater named Charlie (who cannot speak but use his actions to communicate). At the end, Blu, Jewel, and their family and friends (and Charlie literally after Nigel and Gabi are defeated and taken back to Rio de Janerio) are celebrating together as Danny Phantom, Shrek, and the gang are heading back home; and Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blik, Prohyas, Vambre, and Grup joins The Amity Park Adventure Team.